We provide drone software and hardware engineering services for our clients.


Specialties Include

4G & 5G LTE telecommunication & networking between an onboard computer with backend server control movement

Cloud-hosted ATC for drone fleet management

Autonomous precision landing via machine learning image recognition and computer image processing

Real-time drone height sensing location via sensor installation​​

Drone health & safety logging

Integration of functional gimbal and camera 

Waypoint mission communication via ATC

Drone in Field

With Fluency In



PX4 Firmware

Real-time video LTE transmission

Image processing and recognition

Real-world environment testing

4G networking

Sensor integration and engineering

The Power of 4G, 5G & PX4


Learn how to program an autonomous drone flight mission using Pymavlink.


HITL is a simulation mode where PX4 firmware runs on real flight controller hardware.


Watch and learn how you can stream multiple cameras on ModalAI's VOXL Flight.

Controlled Drone Flight With A Live 4G Video Feed | Ascend Engineering.jpeg

Watch as we control a drone from one mile away, featuring a LIVE video feed through the 4G network, as we maintain a clear line of sight in the field.

Ascend Engineering LIVE Valqari Drone Test on Fox Business

We recently tested our drone system on Valqari's Drone Delivery Station on Live TV.

Limited 4G Connectivity Drone Test.jpeg

Watch as we conduct a limited 4G  edge-test using our in-house, custom-built software.

Our in-house, custom-built software harnesses the power of the 4G network.