We provide drone software and hardware engineering services for our clients.

An Emerging Market

Made clear by the COVID-19 Pandemic, contactless, expedited, and energy-efficient drone-focused software engineering is not only essential, but now commonplace.


Maintaining the health and well-being of logistic mapping and delivery networks have unrealized potential to better serve companies, healthcare professionals and the general public unlike ever before.

Here's what we mean by that.

Ascend offers to build, produce and licence our software and engineering service to meet these challenging demands while ushering in the emerging drone software market.

Industry Projections


Projected Drone Software Market Value by 2027

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Of Businesses Expect to Increase or Maintain Their Spend on Drone Software

Drone Deploy 


Projected Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2020-2027

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Live Test With Valqari

We recently tested our latest Ascend Engineering drone system on Valqari's Drone Delivery Station on Live TV with FoxBusiness with Grady Trimble on Varney & Co., further showcasing the limitless potential of the emerging drone market - click here to read more.


The Power of 4G

Our in-house, custom-built software harnesses the power of the 4G network.

We frequently edge test our in-house, custom-built Ascend drones in a worst-case scenario environment to prove our drone software can still function reliably.

Previous software builds include:

  • 4G LTE communication and networking between an onboard computer (atop a drone) with backend servers controlling movement

  • Cloud-hosted ATC (air traffic control) for drone fleet management

  • Autonomous precision landing via machine learning image recognition and computer image processing

  • Real-time height sensing of drone location via sensor installation​​

  • Drone health & safety logging

  • Integration of functioning gimbal and camera on drone

  • Waypoint mission communication to the drone via ATC

  • MavROS, MavSDK & MavLINK

  • ROS & ROS2

  • Real-world environment testing

  • Real-time video LTE transmission

  • Image processing and recognition

  • Thermal imaging

  • 4G networking

  • Sensor integration and engineering

In addition to fluency in:

Safety & Compliance

We work thoroughly to comply in tandem with the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) guidance to demonstrate knowledge of regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safe drone flying — and have achieved all necessary requirements to operate and test under the FAA's Small UAS Rule (Part 107)